About Me

My name is Manuel Martinez and I am a Research Analyst at Yale’s Tobin Center for Economic Policy for Yale’s Assistant Professor of Economics John Eric Humphries, and also for Princeton’s Assistant Professor of Economics and Public Affairs Christopher Neilson. I also work as a data scientist for ConsiliumBots, an NGO that leverages economic theory and technology to make navigation in education markets easier for families and students.

My own interests lie within the intersection of the fields of education, public policy, computer science and technology. Interests beyond academia include anything computers, music, cars, and the natural sciences in general.

Prior to this current position I completed a B.A. in Economics at Southern Connecticut State University, graduating in Fall 2016. Throughout my undergraduate degree I worked at a small local company as a business analyst where I learned some of the pragmatic ruggedness that often comes handy in academia.

This website is hosted on GitHub Pages, with its source code in a public GitHub repository. More importantly, this website is powered by Hugo, using the beautiful Minimal theme.